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FAQ: How much does it cost to cash a check?

Check Cashing businesses tend to charge customers a small percentage of the face value of the check that they wish to cash. For instance, a $500.00 payroll check may incur a fee of 1%, which is $5. Some check cashers may charge a small processing fee on top of their percentage and in some cases a small fee to set up an initial account with them. It is important to shop around for the best price for a check cashing service, just as you would for any other product or service. Make sure the Check Casher discloses their fees to you before you do business with them, and itís always a good idea and in many cases the law for them to give you a receipt for your transaction. Because of the heavy competition in the check cashing industry, youíre more than likely to find a good deal when you need to cash a check. Feel free to browse our database of Check Cashing Locations to shop around and find a check cashing business in your area.

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